Christmas season in the Philippines begins as early as September or called the “BER” months.

 During this month Filipinos are busy with decorations, exchange gifts and festivities. It is also during this season when all bakers and bakeshops are very busy because of high number of orders. BPI knows this well hence this is the best time to introduce our new products for the most festive and joyful season.

A series of Christmas demonstrations were conducted and introduced new products for the quarter.

The demo series started during the celebration of World Bread Day with the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc.  BPI’s Master Chef Nikki Wilford Ellarma did a center stage demonstration highlighting Fermdor Sourdoughs, Pettina Non Temp Chocolates, Les Fruit 50% Fillings (Pomegranate, Cranberry & Kiwi), Fino Fillings (Kiwi, Strawberry & Blueberry), Premier Muffin Mixes, Apito Soft Donut Mix and Cremess Superior. A total of 12 demonstrations in different locations were conducted, and in partnership with key specialty baking stores. With the partner store, attendees can easily purchase and try the new Bakels products after the demo.

Today, BPI’s new products continue to receive positive feedback and demand from customers.